Our conflicts of interest policy:

All staff, volunteers, and management members of your organisation will strive to avoid any conflict of interest between the interests of the client on the one hand, and personal, professional, and business interests on the other. This includes avoiding actual conflicts of interest as well as the perception of conflicts of interest.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of the decision-making process, to enable our stakeholders to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of volunteers, staff, and committee members.

In the course of meetings or activities, all individuals involved from the client side and the organisation side will disclose any interests in a transaction or decision where there may be a conflict between the organisations best interests or a conflict between the best interests of two organisations.

Any such disclosure and the subsequent actions taken will be noted in internal documentation.

This policy is meant to supplement good judgment, and staff, volunteers, and management committee members should respect its spirit as well as its wording.

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